Breaking up’s not hard to do!

Apologies to Neil Sedaka, but have you got clients in business together who would like to separate their interests?  They may have fallen out or want to take the businesses in different directions, or perhaps they just want to split the businesses because of different risk profiles.  At the Miller Partnership we have extensive experience of splitting companies and groups into two or more parts, taking advantage of all the relevant tax reliefs and obtaining clearance in advance from HMRC.  We can carry out these demergers by any of the known mechanisms – distribution in specie, liquidation or reduction of capital – and we can advise you which one best fits your commercial needs.

Recently successes include:

  • Splitting an interior design trade, where the owners wanted to take the business in different directions, one domestic and the other focussing on international assignments
  • Separating a multi-million pound property portfolio between the shareholder families, so that one could concentrate on the rental business and the other could move into development
  • Breaking up a retail group to allow the owner to develop the different businesses in different ways, depending on the local market for his products.