Lord’s Taverners

Tracey has been a part of the organising committee for the Tavs at some of their biggest fundraising events:

The Gauntlet, an It’s A Knockout challenge at Leicester Tigers included the original costumes from the cult TV show, 30 teams and 200 business people raising over £70,000 profit which benefited 9 local charities.

The Alternative Balloon Debate at Leicester Cathedral with its historic setting and innovative format meant Tracey could use her knowledge of medieval history to shape the event, which was a runaway success, raising £20,000 for the Taverners and for LOROS.

Once again Tracey was in the thick of it for 2017’s L Factor … though not literally and never (ever!) on-stage… but cheering on from the side-lines.

Pete sang (badly but still managed a runner up slot) with Slightly Overweight Lizzy and the event raised over £40,000 for causes including funding the Leicestershire team at the GB Special Olympics.


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