MBOs – Complex Made Simple (Webinar)


The terms ‘management buy-out’ or ‘MBO’ conjure up visions of arcane practices and complex structures. Actually, MBOs are pretty simple in concept and are a very helpful tool in allowing a business to be sold.

In this introductory level webinar, Pete Miller will explain how MBOs work. The webinar will also review a number of alternative structures, review HMRC’s position on these and look at pre-transaction clearances from HMRC.

What You Will Learn

This webinar will cover the following:

  • What is an MBO?
    • What does it mean?
    • Why do we structure transactions this way?
  • Various alternatives
    • Share-for-share exchanges
    • Share-for-debenture exchanges
    • QCBs and non-QCBs
    • Entrepreneurs’ relief
    • Transactions in securities rules


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