Tax Aspects of Corporate Restructuring – Pitfalls & Challenges Explained

‘Useful refresher with great examples’


The taxation of corporate transactions is complex but, if properly understood, can ensure that commercial transactions are not encumbered by unwarranted tax liabilities.

This half-day course will take you through the basic tax rules for company reorganisations, mergers and demergers and other forms of corporate and group reconstructions and demonstrate how they work in practical situations. The course will in particular focus on mergers, demergers, M&A transactions, reorganisations and reconstructions.

What You Will Learn

  • Reorganisations and deemed reorganisations
    • Reorganisations of share capital
    • Reductions of capital
    • Share exchanges / paper-for-paper transactions
    • Direct demergers
    • Practical examples
  • Schemes of reconstruction
    • History
    • 2 definitions for reconstructions
    • Demergers three ways
    • Practical examples
  • Other aspects
    • Stamp duty issues
    • Stamp duty land tax issues
    • HMRC clearances

Book Here:—Pitfalls-_-Challenges-Explained/3901

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