Taxation of Partnerships – The Essentials


Partnerships have been very much in the tax news recently, with HMRC announcing a raft of changes to partnership taxation, and particularly the taxation of limited liability partnerships (LLPs), with a view to preventing what they see as tax avoidance.

This half-day course will cover the different types of partnership available under UK law, explain how they are treated for tax purposes and discuss issues that have been causing concern of late.

What You Will Learn

This course will cover the following:

  • Types of partnership
    • General partnership
    • Limited partnership
    • Limited liability partnership
  • Formation and dissolution
  • Taxation and compliance
    • Basis periods
    • Partnership returns
    • Appeals
  • Incorporation of partnerships
    • How to incorporate
    • Goodwill
    • The impact of Armajaro Holdings
  • Recent anti-avoidance legislation
    • Loans to participators
    • Mixed membership partnerships
    • Salaried members of LLPs
    • Disposals of assets through partnerships
    • Incorporation, goodwill and entrepreneurs’ relief

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