Taxation of Intangible Assets

Pete has dealt with a wide variety of issues involving the special tax regime for the taxation of intangible assets, intellectual property and goodwill, introduced by FA 2002. While these rules generally follow accountancy practice (UK GAAP or IAS), this is not always the case and any complications are likely to be numerous and complex.

Alongside practical advice for businesses, Pete has written and lectured widely on these topics and has been involved in HMRC consultation..

Case studies

We helped a major food and drink group with the transfer of their brand from the UK back to the country of origin, looking at both the old and new taxation rules for intangible assets. Working closely with experts in brand valuation and intellectual property lawyers, we were able to provide sound advice for a smooth transaction.

We have also advised on the tax consequences of incorporating a partnership with substantial goodwill into a company structure. We managed to ensure that the transfer of business to the company triggered the minimum tax payment, while still maximising the tax benefits of the new incorporated structure.